Discover HASS (Issue 1 - Aug 2012)



Research Grant Awardees / Award Winners

Prof Charles Salmon, Division of Public & Promotional Communication, WKWSCI
ICA/NCA Outstanding Health Communication Scholar Award 2012

A/P Catherine Wan, Division of Psychology, HSS
The Michael Harris Bond Award for Early Research Contributions
(Awarded by the Asian Association of Social Psychology in July 2011)

A/P Rebecca Ang, Division of Psychology, HSS
Youth Delinquency and Violence in Singapore: A Data-Driven Simulation Study
Grant: MOE Academic Research Fund Tier 2

Asst/P Alexander Coupe, Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, HSS
Exploring the Cross-Roads of Linguistic Diversity: Language Contact in S.E. Asia
Grant: MOE Academic Research Fund Tier 2

A/P Michael Walsh, ADM
Emergency Conservation and Restoration of the Art and Architecture of Famagusta
1. World Monuments Fund
2. Famagusta Municipality

Asst/P Michael Patterson, Division of Psychology, HSS
Visual Performance Enhancement
Grant: DSO National Laboratories 

Asst/P Alice Chan (Co-PI), Division of Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, HSS
Behavior and Neurophysiological Study of Subliminal Priming in the Realm of Advertisement and Beyond 
Grant: DSO National Laboratories

Asst/P Helena Gao, Division of Chinese, HSS
Bilingual Children’s Domain Specific Lexical Development
Grant: MCYS Family Research Fund

Asst/P Qu Li, Division of Psychology, HSS
On the Improvement of Executive Function in Preschoolers from Low-income 
Grant: MCYS Family Research Fund

Asst/P Michael Gumert, Division of Psychology, HSS
A Population Survey Program for the Singaporean Long-tailed Macaque Population 
Grant: NParks