Discover HASS (Issue 1 - Aug 2012)


Developing Graduate Education

We all realise the importance of having strong graduate programmes, especially at the doctoral level.  After careful preparation, ADM has launched its PhD programme earlier this year.  College-wide, much effort has been devoted to enhancing our competitiveness in attracting top graduate students.  In the past, the University applied a standardised approach to graduate admission and scholarship allocation.  While not without merit, that system does not take into account disciplinary differences.  With the support of the Graduate Studies Office, a number of changes have been made, resulting in greater autonomy for the College in managing graduate admission.  For example, GRE is no longer compulsory. In some cases, it may be more appropriate to administer a subject-specific admission test to gauge the suitability of the applicants.  Interviews should be required for all programmes, for they do provide quality assurance. 

A streamlined application schedule will be rolled out soon, which would allow us to compete more effectively with both local and overseas universities.  More research scholarships have been made available to HASS, thanks to the support of our Provost.  On our part, we have given our assurance that the highest admission standards will be maintained.  At the same time, the HASS Graduate Education Committee will also be reviewing our graduate curriculum.  There is quite a lot to be done there.  The Committee will also be looking into ways to cultivate a more vibrant seminar culture among our graduate students.  Of course, the Committee cannot do its work without your input.  Improvements and suggestions at the programme level remain decisive in building graduate studies at HASS.