Discover HASS (Issue 1 - Aug 2012)


Faculty and Staff Development

To achieve excellence in research and education, there is nothing more important than investing in our faculty and staff.

A new university-wide mentorship scheme has been introduced for all new faculty members.  Mentoring junior faculty is essential to building a great university.  Collegial comments on draft papers are especially important to raising the level of research.  A new programme on teaching for faculty has also been introduced.  Going forward, peer review of teaching will become an important element of our promotion and tenure process.  Courses on teaching and learning for our graduate students have also been reinforced.  While NTU is a research-intensive university, excellence in education remains our priority.  Career prospects for colleagues on the teaching track have been enhanced, with the evaluation process for promotion to Senior Lecturer now regularised.  The School Chairs and I will continue to work with individual colleagues to provide feedback on their dossiers for promotion and tenure.   The College will also continue to sponsor training courses for administrative and technical staff.  Their role is certainly no less important, and we must do our utmost to enable them to develop their skills and potential.

Mr Chan Weng Hoo, Deputy Director (Undergraduate Office), HSS, is the proud recipient of this year’s National Day Commendation Medal. Congratulations, Weng Hoo!