Discover HASS (Issue 1 - Aug 2012)


Thumbs Up in Research

External grant applications have hit a record high in the last academic year.  As announced previously, Annabel Chen of the Psychology Division won our first ever MOE “Tier 2” grant in 2011.  For the February 2012 Grant Call, 10 applications from HASS were submitted, which also was a new record.  Two were successful, I am delighted to report, and two others have been invited by MOE for resubmission.  This is cause for celebration indeed!  Congratulations to Rebecca Ang and Alexander Coupe, the PI of the two successful projects.  Several colleagues have won other external grants as well.  Congratulations to them all.  Over at WKWSCI, Charles Salmon has been named the 2012 Outstanding Health Communication Scholar, an honour jointly awarded by both the US-based National Communication Association (NCA) and International Communication Association (ICA) Health Communication Divisions.

Please click here to see the full list of research grant awardees and award winners.

The Centre for Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS), HASS’s interdisciplinary research hub, provides support for research through its incentive grant scheme (for preparation of large grant proposals), visiting fellowships, and other programmes and activities.  In 2012 alone, CLASS has sponsored a dozen or so conferences, workshops, public lectures and seminars.  I recall a couple of these I attended, which generated great interdisciplinary interest and resulted in collaborative research.  Colleagues can look forward to more such events, including a continuation of the dialogue we initiated with the College of Engineering last year.  I would like to encourage all faculty members to avail themselves of the opportunities and funding provided by CLASS in exploring new possibilities for interdisciplinary research.

Attendees at CLASS-ADM event,
"Creativity: Talent or Skill? A Timeless and Multicultural Exploration", Sep 2011