Discover HASS (Issue 3 - Jan 2013)


Undergraduate Education

Minor and Second Major in Art History

The School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) last semester introduced the Minor and Second Major in Art History. This is intended to be an interdisciplinary programme, involving both HSS and WKWSCI. The three Schools are now working to expand the programme into a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Art History, with a strong Asian focus and also attention to management of heritage and curatorship. This will be not only an important programme in its own right but also serve as a model for other interdisciplinary programmes.

Exhibited at ADM Gallery show in November 2012.
The show was themed “Intersecting Histories: Contemporary Turns in Southeast Asian Art”


Minor in Global Asia 

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) will be introducing the Minor in Global Asia in Semester 1, AY2013. This Minor explores Asia’s global connectivity from ancient times to the present, from economics to cultural influences, and from arts to people. This is an interdisciplinary Minor that places Asia within a dynamic global context. It enhances students’ understanding of historical and contemporary global culture and politics by enabling students to engage with an extensive and intensive study of Asia and Asian Diasporas in the past and present.

The College is now in discussion with the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) to develop a joint Minor in this area. Leveraging the competencies of HASS and CUHK, the joint Minor programme offers students selected core courses and electives in Global Asia. HASS students will read related courses for at least one semester at CUHK, and likewise for CUHK students at HASS. Students on this programme will be able to transfer both credits and grades to satisfy their graduation requirements. 


New Programme in Public Policy and Global Affairs

In Semester 1, AY2013, HSS will launch a new Major in Public Policy and Global Affairs (PPGA). This programme focuses on global Asia and Asian regionalism, or, more specifically, Asian politics, governance, public administration, public policy, Asian regionalism, and international and global affairs. It is interdisciplinary, comparative, and Asian-focused. 

With the introduction of PPGA, HSS will have in place a relatively comprehensive range of Majors in the humanities and social sciences, including Chinese, Economics, English Literature, History, Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, PPGA, Psychology and Sociology.


Certificate for Second Major Students 

With effect from Semester 2, AY2012, HASS students who have successfully completed a second Major programme from ADM, HSS, or WKWSCI, will be presented with a Certificate of Achievement, endorsed by Dean, HASS.


Expanding the NTU International Summer School in China Programme 

Following the success of the Summer School in 2012, there has been increasing demand for HASS to significantly expand the programme and accept new partner universities for summer 2013. 

This year, the Summer School will offer three credit-bearing courses in Great Ideas, Cultural Encounters, and The Changing Family in Global Contexts, each to be co-taught by faculty from HASS and a partner university.

Summer School students in Tianjin City, China, July 2012

Potential new partners include Simon Fraser University (Canada), School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London (UK), and Rice University (US). Together with our pioneering partners of University of Toronto (Canada), Bryn Mawr College (US), Haverford College (US), Tianjin University (China) and Nankai University (China), we hope to establish the Summer School in China as a leading programme in international learning. There will be more opportunities in 2014 to jointly develop and teach courses with colleagues from partner universities.

Please contact Ms. Seeto Wei Peng at the Dean’s Office for details.