Discover HASS (Issue 4 - Aug 2013)



Internship and Career Opportunities for Students

Over the last semester, HASS has partnered with several new organisations to increase the number internship places for our students. 

The Business Analytics Translational Centre (BATC) of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), for example, had only compliments of our students who interned with them during the past summer.  

Group photo of HASS interns with Mr Teo Ser Luck,
Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry (first on left), at BATC, Summer 2013

We are striving to grow the pool of companies, especially those that are traditionally not major employers of humanities and social sciences graduates.  We want to change the misperception that our students excel only in certain stereotypical jobs.  If you have contacts which you feel we should explore, please let me know. 


Support from Corporate and Private Donors

I am encouraged that donors continue to believe in our work in humanities and social sciences education and research.  Over the last few months, we managed to secure several donations from organisations such as Lee Foundation, Hong Leong Foundation, EU Centre, just to name a few.

Thank you to all our donors for supporting and believing in our work!


Outreach activities for Admission Exercise AY2014 

While the College has done well in the AY2013 Admission Exercise, we cannot rest on our laurels.  Increasingly, bright and discerning students want to make informed decisions about their undergraduate education.  Gone were the days when we would be assured of a steady stream of top students by virtue of being one of the few public universities in Singapore.  In preparation for Admission Exercise AY2014, the College has already started our Junior College (JC) outreach efforts to enthuse good students about our programmes.  Besides actively participating in University-wide events like NJC Day, HCI Day and RVHS Day, HASS has commenced our series of trial lectures with selected JCs.

We are moving away from pure “marketing” talks to content-based trial lectures to give JC students a flavour of University lectures in specific disciplinary areas.

Top: Series of JC outreach activities from March to August 2013

I would like to encourage all colleagues to take an active part in the College’s outreach activities. It is very important to highlight to prospective students that HASS offers a rich array of courses in all our three Schools, and also the balance of breadth and depth in our approach to learning.