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Discover HASS (Issue 5 - Aug 2014)


Congratulations and Welcome

Successes at the Recent Promotion and Tenure Exercise

Please accept my heartiest congratulations to colleagues who have been awarded tenure and promoted.  It signals recognition and appreciation of their work and efforts.  HASS’ success and progress depends on the exceptional work of our faculty members who set high academic standards and excelled in their teaching, research, and service endeavours. 

To the successful candidates, I wish you continued success.

Table 8: Award of Tenure and Promotion to Associate Professor 



Name of Faculty



Francis Charles Bond (Granted Tenure)



Daniel Keith Jernigan



Joyce Pang Shu Min



Teo You Yenn



Shirley Ho Soo Yee


Francis Charles Bond


Daniel Keith Jernigan


Joyce Pang Shu Min


Teo You Yenn


Shirley Ho Soo Yee

Top and left: Congratulations to all who have been promoted and/or awarded tenure in the recent Promotion and Tenure exercise (PT12)


Just Joined the Team

Welcome all new faculty and administrative/professional colleagues who joined the College over the past few months!

We look ahead with excitement and energy, and welcome opportunities to get to know all of you.

[Please click to view the list of new staff]


Calendar of Events

The next six months will be busy time at HASS.  The table below shows a list of selected upcoming events.  I hope to see colleagues at some of these activities.

Table 9: Calendar of Events, August 2014 to March 2015



CCA’s Exhibition: Theatrical Fields

22 August to 2 November 2014

Academic Council Meeting – “Installation” of Full Professors

28 August 2014

HASS Postgraduate Information Session

6 September 2014

Dean’s List and other Awards Ceremony

8 September 2014

Ministry of Trade and Industry Internship and Career Talk for HASS students

19 September 2014

Let’s Talk NTU 2015

24 January 2015

Life@NTU 2015

7 March 2015

Visiting Committee @ HASS

8 to 12 March 2015

High Tea with NTU President

21 March 2015