Discover HASS (Issue 5 - Aug 2014)


Outreach and External Relations

Internship, Career Opportunities and Alumni Relations

Over the one year, the College has worked hard to increase the number of internship options for our students, including working for social enterprises.  New internship partners who came aboard recently included Thomson Reuters, Xinhuanet.SG and MOFILM.  In fact, one of our graduating Economics students landed a job at Thomson Reuters last semester through the new partnership arrangements.  In November 2013, HASS conducted its first College Career Fair, with considerable success. This will be developed into a College tradition.

career fair 2.jpg
Inaugural HASS Internship and Career Fair, 1 November 2013

ADM and HSS have launched their Alumni Association this year. 

adm alumni.jpg
hss alumni.jpg
Top: Launch of ADM Alumni Association, August 2013
Bottom: Launch of ADM Alumni Association, 22 November 2013


New Strategic Exchange Partners

Studying abroad for a period of time not only enhances learning experience but also serves as a powerful tool in attracting top students.  Effort has been redoubled at the College to create more student exchange opportunities for our students.  Recent additions of new exchange partners included Australian National University and Stockholm University.

Visit by President Astrid Söderbergh Widding
and her colleagues from Stockholm University, 17 January 2014
  HASS Dean Alan Chan (left) and ANU CASS Dean Toni Makkai
sign partnership agreement to further foster ties between both institutions, 16 June 2014


Support from Corporate and Private Donors

I am encouraged that donors continue to believe in our work in humanities and social sciences education and research.  Over the last few months, we managed to secure several donations from organisations such as Lee Foundation, Keppel Care Foundation, a major private donor, just to name a few.

wang hairong.jpg
Mr Wang Hairong, a major supporter, visits Summer School students in Tianjin, China, 25 July 2014

Thank you to all our donors for supporting and believing in our work!


Outreach activities for Admission Exercise AY2015

While the College has done well in the AY2014 Admission Exercise, we must continue to work hard and devote substantial effort in attracting top-quality students.  In preparation for Admission Exercise AY2015, the College has already started our Junior College (JC) outreach efforts.  We are in touch with a few high schools like Dunman High School and Raffles Institution to set up “trial” lectures for their students over the next few months.  Besides participating in University-wide events like the recent JC/IP/Poly Day, Schools must remain active engaging JC students.


Various outreach events in 2014

Since last year, we have gradually shifted from “direct marketing” of programmes to content-based trial lectures.  These lectures and campus visits to NTU give JC students the chance to experience what it is like to be a student at HASS.  While visiting the campus, for example, students will be given the opportunity to sit in on lectures, learn about our language courses, visit studios, art workshops and lecture theatres, interact with existing students, and try out student activities.  This enriching experience allows students to make better informed decisions when they decide on their choice of university.