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​Medical Humanities | What The Doctor Said

Published on: 05-Nov-2018

​What The Doctor Said
​Organised by:
​SoH Medical Humanities
​Giskin Day

Giskin Day is a principal teaching fellow at Imperial College. She is course lead for the intercalated BSc in Medical Sciences with Humanities, Philosophy and Law in the School of Medicine. Before joining Imperial, she worked in scientific publishing and at London’s Science Museum. Giskin holds master’s degrees in Science Communication (Imperial College London) and in Literature and Medicine (King’s College London). She was awarded a President’s Medal for outstanding contribution to teaching in 2015 and became a National Teaching Fellow in 2016.
​Communicating effectively in medicine is vital, yet it is an often taken-for-granted skill. The words we use create affect as well as effect. This talk will explore the concept of ‘narrative attentiveness’. How do we recognise and mirror patients’ metaphors? How do some phrases emphasise power differentials in medicine? How can an understanding of story help to deliver better care? 
​Date and time:
​Monday, 5 November 2018 | 10:00 - 12:00
​HSS Conference Room HSS-05-57
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