Interdisciplinary Graduate School PhD Programme


Our Students


Sarah Chan Hian May

My research interest lies at the intersection of Social Psychology and Computer Science. Specifically, I am focusing on the effects of virtual reality on intrapersonal and interpersonal processes in promoting pro-social and pro-environmental attitudes and behaviors.
Luis Morgado da Costa
The main focus of my research is to model and apply diverse aspects of linguistic knowledge (i.e. syntax and semantics) to Error Detection and Intelligent Tutoring Systems.  Before joining this program, I was a Research Associate at the Computational Linguistics Lab, also at NTU. I am also a published researcher with a broad range of interests, ranging from Natural Language Parsing and Generation, Lexicography, CALL, Corpus Linguistics, Memory and Neural basis of Learning, as well as general Mandarin Chinese and Japanese Linguistics. Even though I work mainly with English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, I’m also currently working on projects involving other languages such as Kristang, Portuguese, Indonesian, Cantonese and Abui.

Sor Hong Yuen

I’m always interested in intergroup prejudice and NTU IGP provides a great opportunity for me to research the topic more than any other single PhD programme can offer. This is because intergroup prejudice research requires knowledge from different areas such as sociology, psychology, political science to communication & media. Through IGP, I’m able to learn ways to integrate the knowledge and contribute more to the society.