Beyond the Classroom


Work Experience

Professional attachment or internship is an integral aspect of the undergraduate education in NTU. Students value the experience as the exposure will help them with their transition into the working world.

ADM Internship

Undergraduate students from the School of Art, Design & Media (ADM) will undergo a compulsory 10 weeks internship programme at the end of their third year from May to July. Upon successful completion of the internship, students will be awarded 5 academic units. The objective of ADM internship is to instill students with the right work attitudes and professionalism so that they can become more effective and productive in their respective field much faster than it usually is for graduates without such experience.


HSS Professional Attachment Programme

The duration for Professional Attachment at the School of Humanities and the School of Social Sciences is 8 to 10 weeks to be undertaken at the end of their third year of study. On successful completion, students will be awarded five academic units to be used to fulfill their unrestricted elective requirements.


WKWSCI Professional Internship

Undergraduate students from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information (WKWSCI) are required to undergo professional internship in their third year of study. Students will undergo a 22-week period of attachment from January to June in a private or public organisation locally or overseas. The Professional Internship is worth 16 academic units.


Overseas Journalism Practicum

The Short Overseas Journalism (SOJOURN) practicum, organised by WKWSCI, exposes students to the challenge of reporting in an overseas setting. In pre-departure meetings, students will learn about the destination, plan their stories and assist in making arrangements for their trip. The field trip, of four to seven days, will involve intensive reporting, briefings and site visits. Students are expected to produce a journalistic work of professional quality soon after they return. The class size is limited and admission is by application.


Foreign Correspondent Assignment

GO-FAR (Going Overseas for Advanced Reporting) is an advanced journalism programme for WKWSCI students pursuing the journalism track. This programme gives students the opportunity to carry out a major assignment as a foreign correspondent overseas while a supervising professor leads them. At the end of the assignment, students are expected to produce a professional journalistic work either in print, radio or photography.