International Summer School in China


International Summer School 2012

​In the summer of 2012, HASS partnered Bryn Mawr College and Haverford College, both top liberal arts colleges in the US. From China, the College forged a partnership with Tianjin University and Nankai University -- both universities are recognised internationally for their high quality of teaching and research.


In 2012, 28 students from NTU, Tianjin University, Nankai University, Bryn Mawr College, Haverford College, and University of Toronto took part in the five-week programme, held on the campus of Tianjin University.

Curriculum and Study Tour

Each student took two credit-bearing courses, interdisciplinary in nature, in comparative cultures and city and space, both team-taught by NTU and Bryn Mawr faculty. They also participated in a one-week study tour, which took them to places such as the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city and the historic city of Pingyao in Shanxi Province, China.


Student feedback has been tremendously positive!

What are the participants saying?

“Everything has been great so far - we are enjoying ourselves on the tours and the lessons are interesting.”
~ Jeremy Sng, WKWSCI, NTU, 19 July 2012​

​“… For the weekend trips in particular I enjoyed the tour of Tianjin eco-city, where I learnt quite a bit from the Singaporeans working there regarding the construction of an eco-city out of wastelands, a remarkable feat in itself.”
~ Teo Seow Tian, NBS, NTU, 3 August 2012

​“This is the first time I have experienced such good welfare for an exchange!”
~ Tok Xinyu, SPMS, NTU, 9 July 2012
​“Everything is going well here, a little hectic at times but it’s all part of the experience.”
~ Alizee Zapparoli-Manzoni-Bodson, UOT, 11 July 2012
​“I do like this summer programme. It provided me not only an opportunity to learn more knowledge and gain more experience, but also learn about some difference between our cultures, education and so on.”
~ Xia Bi Xuan, Nankai University, 5 August 2012

More information

For more information on the programme in 2012, please refer to the following:

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