English Literature and Art History

During this four-year degree programme, undergraduates will read both Art History and English literature, benefiting from the expertise and resources of both the School of Humanities (SoH) and the School of Art, Design and Media (ADM).

For English Literature, students will focus both on traditional historical periods and on contemporary innovative approaches to the subject. Specialisations offered include All the major literary periods, Singaporean and Asian literatures, critical and literary theory, cultural studies, film studies, drama, postmodernism, and gender studies.

The Art History curriculum aims to equip students with a thorough knowledge and critical awareness of the global histories of art, culture and heritage, which will be taught through lectures, seminars and practical projects. Students will be trained in the rigours and methods of researching and writing about art, including specialisations in Global Art History, Asian Art History, Museums, Heritage, Curating and Contemporary Art and Theory. They will also benefit from ADM’s relationship to professional arts spaces such as the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA).

Graduates from this programme will be suitable employees in both the public and private sectors in Singapore, and the global employment market. They’ll also be well positioned for post-graduate studies.

One possible career option is Archivists, controlling the preservation and organization of a museum's collection by storing valuable documents and cataloging a museum's records.

Curriculum for AY2018 Intake 

Major Requirements
General Education Requirement (GER)
Total (AUs)
Prescribed Electives
Final Year Project
GER Core
GER Prescribed Electives
GER Unrestricted Electives
English Literature
Art History

*Students may select one or two Final Year Projects, subject to the approval of the host schools. If they select just one, the remaining 8 AUs will be transferred to the Prescribed Electives of the other discipline.  


​I. English Literature Curriculum

4 courses: 12 AUs
HL1001 Introduction to Literature
HL1002 Survey of English Literature I
HL1003 Survey of English Literature II
HL1005 Introduction to Singapore Literature

Prescribed Electives
10 Courses: 38 AUs
Choose at least TWO from Category A (including at least one of the following: HL2001, HL2002, HL2003, HL2004). Choose ONE each from Categories B to F and the remaining 3 from any category. (At least FOUR courses must be of HL4xxx.)

Note to English Literature Double Majors:
For the remaining 3 courses not specified in the Category requirements, besides courses from Cat A to F, you can choose the following uncategorised courses to count towards your Major Prescribed Electives:

  • HL1006 Introduction to American Literature
  • HL1007 Classical Literature
  • HL2024 Approaches to Literature 

Category A: Period Studies (Choose at least two electives)
HL2001 Medieval Literature 
HL2002 Renaissance Literature
HL2003 Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature
HL2004 Sensibility and Romanticism
HL2005 Victorian Literature
HL2006 Modernism
HL2007 Contemporary Literature and Culture
HL2027 Early American Literature 
HL2028 Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Culture
HL2029 American Modernism 
HL2030 Post 1945 American Literature and Culture 
HL4015 Advanced Studies in Medieval Literature  
HL4016 Advanced Studies in Renaissance Literature 
HL4017 Advanced Studies in Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature 
HL4018 Advanced Studies in Romanticism 
HL4019 Advanced Studies in Victorian Literature 
HL4020 Advanced Studies in Modernist Literature 
HL4023 Advanced Studies in Twentieth-Century American Literature 
HL4024 Advanced Studies in Contemporary Literature
Category B: Asian Literature and Culture (Choose at least one elective)
HL2008 Singapore Literature and Culture II 
HL2009 Southeast Asian Literature and Culture 
HL2010 East Asian Literature 
HL2011 Representations of Asia 
HL2012 Asian-American Literature 
HL2041 Asian Historical Fiction 
HL4032 Urban Culture Asia 
HL4034 British Asian Literature
Category C: Film & Theatre (Choose at least one elective)
HL2026 Reading Drama
HL2037 History of Film 
HL3001 Film Theory 
HL3002 Film, Politics and Ethics
HL3003 Film & Literature 
HL3004 World Cinema 
HL3006 Modern Drama
HL3038 Theatre of the Absurd    
HL4012 Advanced Studies in Drama  
HL4014 Advanced Studies in Film  
Category D: World Literature (Choose at least one elective)
HL2022 South Asian Literature 
HL2032 African Literature 
HL2033 Irish Writing: Romanticism to Modernism
HL3007 Postcolonial Literature 
HL3008 Postcolonial Women’s Writing 
HL3010 European Literature 
HL3014 Latin American Literature 
HL3020 Ethnic American Literature 
HL3034 Irish Writing: Modernism to the Contemporary
HL4030 Scottish Literature
HL4031 Comparative Literature
HL4037 Writing the Self
HL4038 Advanced Studies in Postcolonial Literature
Category E: Literary and Cultural Theory (Choose at least one elective)
HL3016 Gender and Sexuality Studies 
HL3033 The World of Musicals and Intercultural Theatre
HL3037 Approaches to the Environmental Humanities 
HL4005 Literary Criticism 
HL4006 Reading Texts: Advanced Critical Theory 
HL4008 Postcolonial Studies
HL4009 Popular Literature and Culture
HL4010 Feminist Studies 
HL4035 Practicing Theory: Literature and Meaning
Category F: Specific Interest Subjects
HL2015 War in Literature and Film
HL2016 Literature and Madness
HL2017 Directed Study
HL2018 Fantasy Fictions
HL2020 Creative Writing Workshop
HL2021 Literature of Empire
HL2025 Readings in Poetry
HL2036 Virgins and Vixens
HL2039 Theatre Workshop
HL2040 Adapting the Classics
HL2042 Children's Literature 
HL3011 Science Fiction: Origins to Parody
HL3012 The Discourse of Love 
HL3013 Postmodernism
HL3017 The Rise of the Novel 
HL3023 Literature and the Arts 
HL3024 Contemporary Women’s Writing
HL3029 Imagining King Arthur 
HL3030 Major Author Study: Shakespeare 
HL3035 Magical Realism
HL3036 History of the Book  
HL4002 Major Author Study: Chaucer 
HL4011 Modern Poetry 
HL4013 Advanced Studies in Literature & Culture 
HL4028 Science and Literature 
HL4033 Major Author Study: James Joyce
HL4036 Literature and Medicine
HL4039 Advanced Studies in Children's Literature  

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II. Art History Curriculum ​

4 courses: 12 AUs
DD1003 Introduction to Histories of Art 1
DD1004 Introduction to Histories of Art 2
DD2000 Introduction to Histories of Art 3
DD8002 Ways of Seeing: Exploring Visual Culture

Prescribed Electives
11-12 Courses: 38 AUs
Students must take ONE elective each from Categories A to D (4 Electives) and then are free to choose the remainder (7 or 8 Electives) from any category depending on areas they wish to specialise in.

Category A: Global Art Histories (Choose at least one elective)
DD2007 The Art and Architecture of the 'Long Century' 1789 – 1914
DD3005 Survey of Modern Art, 1900-1945
DD3006 Art In the Age of Colonialism
DD3014 From Modern to Post Modern Art 1945 – 1985 
DD8004 The Fantastic in Western Visual Arts
DD8008 Faith and Art
DD8011 Aesthetic Manifestations of Buddhist Devotion & Practice
DD8013 What is Art?
DD9011 British Art: 1839 – 1939

Category B: Contemporary Art & Theory (Choose at least one elective)
DD2003 Issues in Art History and Theory
DD2005 Survey of New Media
DD3008 Cities, Bodies, Memories: Art and Everyday Life in Contemporary Singapore
DD3010 Issues in Global Contemporary Art
DF8000 Survey of Experimental Filmmaking

Category C: Curating, Heritage & Museums (Choose at least one elective)
DD3015 Exhibition Histories: Museums to Biennales
DD8010 Visualization of Cultural Heritage
DD8012 Contemporary Curating
DD9006 Seminar in Theories and Practices of Heritage Activism
DD9010 Imag(in)ing the Silk Road: Heritage and Media
DD9013 Heritage Studies: An Introduction
DD9014 Introduction to Museum Studies

Category D: Asian Art Histories (Choose at least one elective)
DD3004 Modern and Contemporary Chinese Art
DD3011 Contemporary South-East Asian Art
DD8007 From Colonialism to Toursium: Early Photography in Asia 
DD8006 The Modern and Modernism in Southeast Asian Art
DD8009 Japanese Art: Edo to Contemporary
DD9012 West Asian Cultures and the Art and Architecture of the Ottoman Empire

Category E: Media & Design Histories
DT2007 History of Animation
DP2002 History of Photography
DF2009 History of Film
DD3016 History of Design 

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