With research playing a crucial role in our institution, we dedicate the highest level of excellence in this area, especially in the cultivation of inter-disciplinary research.

With seven research centres and numerous research projects in the areas of Economics, Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Chinese Language and Culture, Digital Creativity, and Media and Communication, the College is especially focused in developing specialised, multi and inter-disciplinary research capabilities. It is through these efforts that we are able to bolster our strengths as an academic institution, while at the same time deliver substantial contribution to the academic communities that we work with.

To encourage good-quality research, the College launched an Incentive Scheme in year 2011 to provide seed-funding support to faculty members from the College to develop competitive research grant proposals (except Tier 1).  Under this Scheme, a Principal Investigator (PI) can apply for an incentive of up to S$5,000 to help him in his research work. The successful PI is expected to submit a new competitive research grant application within two years from the date of award of this Incentive. Faculty members of the College can apply online here.

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