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Altmetrics: Rethinking and Exploring New Ways of Measuring Research

PI: Professor Theng Yin Leng, WKWSCI

Short Description:
Aim of this proposal is to investigate new approaches offered by Interactive Digital Technology and Social Media to explore and rethink ways to measure research outputs. Specifically, this proposed project will focus on scholarly and scientific publishing in which in recent years, Altmetrics have appeared as new and alternative metrics to widely used metrics for research impact. This project will extend its initial purpose for exploring and rethinking new ways of measuring research outputs, and aim to design, develop and evaluate a system prototype called “Altmetrics for Research Impact Actuation” (ARIA for conciseness), to gather and compute altmetrics to measure research impact.

Grant Amount: S$919,846

Awarded by: National Research Foundation (SRIE)

Date of Award: December 2014

Duration of Award: 3 years

Peaks of Excellence : New Media