Research Grants


Bridging the Language Gap: Translation and Interpretation Activities in the Early Hong Kong Government (1842-1860) - Stage 1 (Archival and Compilation)

PI: Associate Professor Uganda Kwan Sze Pui, HSS

Short Description:
The project will promote the preservation, discovery, and use of historical records which are being kept in the British Colonial Office (C.O) and Foreign Office (F.O.) regarding the colonial city, Hong Kong in the 19th century. The archival records were cataloged in an obscure and obsolete method. Scholars were unable to delve into the historical past in discovering new understanding because of this hindrance. The project will promote a sustainable way to preserve the intangible cultural heritage by means of the technique of knowledge transfer. In Phase one of this project, the focus is to organise, transcribe, edit and publish the C.O. and F.O. records of historical significance in line with the question – ‘how did interpreters and their translation activities aid the governance of Hong Kong from 1842-1860?’.

Grant Amount: HK$99,726 (about S$16,621)

Type of Grant: Lord Wilson Heritage Trust

Date of Award: January 2013

Duration of Award: 2013 - 2015

Peaks of Excellence: Global Asia