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Decentralized Governance Hybrid Federalism in Asia

PI: Professor He Baogang, School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Short Description:
This project charts the development of Asian federalism, or rather its hybrid variants, and assess how these fit with international trends and extend our knowledge of federalism. Conversely, the project also explores how, and to what extent, non-federal arrangements for decentralized governance can provide alternative institutional means for achieving similar outcomes.

Meeting with Dr Bhattarai, the Vice Chairman of the Maoist party, the 35th Prime Minister of Nepal from August 2011 to March 2013

Meeting with Madhev Nepal, the former Prime Minister of Nepal from May 25, 2009 until February 6, 2011

Hybrid Federalism in Asia Consultation Meeting

Type of Grant: Tier 2

Date of Award: February 2014

List of Publications arising from this Project:
Governing Taiwan and Tibet: China’s Search for Democratic Approaches (Edinburgh: the Edinburgh University Press, Hb 978 0 7486 9971 1, forthcoming in June 2015, 244 pages Award/Grant: Tier 2, Feb 2014

List of Collaborators:
Professor Brian Galligan, University of Melbourne