Research Grants


Digital Literacies, Knowledge Disparities and Sustainable Development

PI: Associate Professor Ravishankar Sharma, WKWSCI

Short Description:
The project examines the postulate that digital literacies bridge knowledge disparities within a society and create conditions for sustainable development. It aims to understand the causal relationships among the access to knowledge, its diffusion through society’s ability to apply such knowledge towards sustainable development. A model for sustainable development will be developed with three hypotheses: 1) knowledge disparities are inhibitors to sustainable development; 2) digital inclusion encourages knowledge diffusion which in turn bridges knowledge disparities; 3) digital literacy programmes are effective means of bridging knowledge disparities and creating equitable opportunities for growth and development.

Grant Amount: S$435,750

Type of Grant: Tier 2

Date of Award: February 2015

Duration of Award: 3 years

Peaks of Excellence: New Media