Research Grants


Harnessing the virality of rumours to spread facts

PI: Associate Professor Alton Chua Yeow Kuan, WKWSCI

Short Description:
The project investigates factors that fuel the virality of a rumour in social media and to investigate, adapt and aims to apply the viral factors of rumours for fact diffusion. It uncovers important aspects of rumours that could be used to enhance the spread of facts. Questions such as “how can the content of facts be crafted to enhance virality?” and “to whom should facts be sent to achieve maximum reach?” will be addressed. The project aims to address major prevailing menaces faced by organizations, governments and society and offers a better understanding of rumours and facts through an interdisciplinary lens.

Grant Amount: S$422,874.55

Type of Grant: Tier 2

Date of Award: February 2015

Duration of Award: 3 years

Peaks of Excellence: New Media