Research Grants


List of Research Grants Received since 2013

Award Date

Principal Investigator Co-Principal Investigator Award or Grant Funded Project
​Jan 2013 ​Assoc Prof Uganda Kwan Sze Pui ​Lord Wilson Heritage Trust ​Bridging the Language Gap: Translation and Interpretation Activities in the Early Hong Kong Government (1842-1860) - Stage 1 (Archival and Compilation)
Mar 2013 Assoc Prof Joyce Pang Shu Min (HSS) Dr Douglas Matthews Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) A Qualitative Study of the Behaviors and Attitudes of Youths towards Gambling and the Casinos
Mar 2013 Asst Prof Walter Theseira (HSS) Assoc Prof Yohanes Eko Riyanto (Economics, HSS); Ong Qiyan (HSS); Jessica Pan (NUS) Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) The Economics of Taxi Services
Jun 2013 Asst Prof Fang Xiaoping (HSS)   Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation Between Hierarchy and Equality: Women Doctors, Modern Medicine, and Socialist Politics in China
Jun 2013 Assoc Prof Shirley Ho (WKWSCI) Assoc Prof May O. Lwin (WKWSCI) MDA (Media Development Authority) Digital Media Literacy: Cyber Wellness of Singapore Youths and Adults
Jul 2013 Assoc Prof Michael Walsh (ADM)   WMF and Famagusta Municipality Emergency Art Conservation In Famagusta, Cyprus
Jul 2013 Assoc Prof Andrea Nanetti (ADM)   Microsoft Augmenting Bing Search through Automatic Narratives in the Interactive Global Histories
Aug 2013 Assoc Prof Francis Bond (HSS) Asst Prof Jungjae Kim (SCE); Asst/P Helena Gao (Chinese, HSS) Tier 2 That’s what you meant: A Rich Representation for Manipulating Meaning
Aug 2013 Asst Prof Frantisek Kratochvil (HSS) Assoc Prof Francis Bond (LMS, HSS); Assoc Prof Alexander Coupe (LMS, HSS) Tier 2 Grammar Matrix Reloaded: Syntax and Semantics of Affectedness
Aug 2013 Assoc Prof May O. Lwin (WKWSCI) Asst Prof Wonsun Shin (WKWSCI); Prof Ang Peng Hwa (WKWSCI) MOH HSR CRG (Ministry of Health, Health Services Grant, Competitive Research Grant) A Time Based Assessment of Children’s Advertising Guidelines on Child Food Consumption and Preferences in Singapore
Jan 2014 Asst Prof Winson Peng Tai-Quan (WKWSCI)   Microsoft Tracking the Dynamics of Social Happiness on Twitter: A Multi-level Study
Feb 2014 Assoc Prof May O. Lwin (WKWSCI) Assoc Prof Terrance Chua (National Heart Centre) Singapore Heart Foundation BP Initiative @ Schools: Assessing the Extended and Longitudinal Effects of Knowledge Sharing and Measurement of Blood Pressure
Feb 2014 Asst Prof Helena Gao (HSS) Assoc Prof Kerry Lee, NTU
Asst Prof Qu Li, HSS
Assoc Prof Francis Bond, HSS
Tier 2 Acquisition of Physical Action Verbs by Bilingual Singaporean Preschoolers
Feb 2014 Prof He Baogang
  Tier 2 Decentralized Governance/Hybrid Federalism in Asia
Feb 2014 Assoc Prof Ho Moon-ho Ringo
Assoc Prof Chan Kim Yin (NBS);
Asst Prof Uy Marilyn (NBS);
Asst Prof Olwen Bedford (Psychology, HSS);
Assoc Prof Chemyshenko Olexander (NBS);
Assoc Prof Yu Kang Yang (NBS)
Tier 2 Lifespan Career Development in Entrepreneurship, Professionalism, and Leadership
Aug 2014 Assoc Prof Yohanes Eko Riyanto
Dr Roy Nilanjan (SUTD); Asst Prof He Tai-Sen (Economics, HSS); Asst Prof Christopoulos Georgious (NBS) Tier 2 The Evolution of Cooperation, Endogenous Partner Selection and Homophily in Social Networks
Dec 2014 Assoc Prof May O. Lwin
  Ogilvy Foundation Award A Transformative Educational Project in Myanmar to Promote Education in Marketing Communication and Advertising Fields
Prof Richard Ling
  Telenor ASA Ethnographic Study of People's Use of Mobile Telephony in Myanmar


Asst Prof Lai Chih-Hui
  American Red Cross Untangling Disaster Awareness and Preparedness via Mobile Communication Technology in SE Asia
Prof Theng Yin Leng (WKWSCI)   National Research Foundation (SRIE) Altmetrics: Rethinking and Exploring New Ways of Measuring Research
​Feb 2015 ​Assoc Prof Alton Chua Yeow Kuan (WKWSCI) ​Tier 2 Harnessing the Virality of Rumours to Spread Facts
​Feb 2015 ​Assoc Prof Ravishankar Sharma (WKWSCI) ​Tier 2 Digital Literacies, Knowledge Disparities and Sustainable Development
​Aug 2015 ​Asst Prof Alice Chan (HSS) ​Assoc Prof Annabel Chen (Psychology, HSS), Asst Prof Tan Ying Ying (Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, HSS) ​Tier 2 ​New Sounds to Better Brain Health: The effects of Language Learning on Aging
​Aug 2015 ​Prof Richard Ling (WKWSCI) ​Asst Prof Debbie Goh Pei Chin (WKWSCI), Asst Prof Edson C Tandoc Jr (WKWSCI), Asst Prof Andrew Duffy (WKWSCI) ​Tier 2 ​Diffusion of News in an Age of Personal and Portable Interactive Devices
Jan 2016 Assoc Prof Andrea Nanetti (ADM) Assoc Prof Cheong Siew Ann (SPMS) Microsoft Provenance And Validation From The Humanities To Automatic Acquisition Of Semantic Knowledge And Machine Reading For News And Historical Sources Indexing/Summary: The New Silk Road As A Showcase
Mar 2016 Assoc Prof Shirley Ho Theng Yin Leng (WKWSCI), Charles Salmon (WKWSCI), Augustine Pang (WKWSCI), Natalie Pang (WKWSCI), Edson Tandoc (WKWSCI), Tim White (MSE), Claude Guet (ERI@N) NRF-NPRP PONdER: Public Opinion of Nuclear EneRgy
Apr 2016 Prof Zhou Min (HSS) Asst Prof Zhan Shaohua, Sociology / HSS
Prof Rich Ling, WKWSCI
Tier 2 Immigration, Integration, and Social Transformation in the Pacific Rim
Aug 2016 Assoc Prof Hans-Martin Rall (ADM) Seah Hock Soon (SCE), Ben Alvin Shedd (ADM), Edson Tandoc jr. (SCI), Andrew Michael Duffy (SCI), Daniel Keith Jernigan (HSS), Chee Yam San (NIE) Tier 2 From Print to Digital: Re-Defining Narrativity for Interactive Digital Media
Aug 2016 Asst Prof Andy Ho (HSS) Dr Josip Car (LKC Medicine); Dr Ho Moon-ho Ringo (HSS Psychology) Tier 2 A Multicentre Randomized Controlled Trial of a Novel Family Dignity Intervention
Aug 2016 Assoc Prof James Ang (HSS) NA Tier 2 Cultural Orientations and Long-term Comparative Economic Development
Dec 2016 Asst Prof Qu Jingyi (HSS) NA NHB HRG Heritage Values of Chinese Schools as Cultural Spaces
Feb 2017 Prof Liu Hong (HSS) Dr Ana Cristina Dias Alves
(Public Policy and Global Affairs, School of Humanities and Social Science)
Tier 2 Transnational Knowledge Transfer and Dynamic Governance in Comparative Perspective