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School of Art, Design and Media


The School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) empowers its students with the knowledge and tools to produce innovative design, compelling new media content and  personal creative artworks.

ADM’s inter-disciplinary courses are designed to mould creative individuals into outstanding artists, designers, animators, new media performers and even business leaders. In essence, we liberate imaginative minds to unleash breakthrough design as an integral part of life.


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School of Humanities


The School of Humanities provides a rigorous and holistic education to develop students into well-rounded individuals that are able to think out of the box and articulate their ideas clearly and confidently.

The School offers undergraduate and graduate programmes in Chinese, English, History, Linguistics & Multilingual Studies and Philosophy. It also offers the Minor in Creative Writing, which is unique only to NTU in Singapore.


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School of Social Sciences


The School of Social Sciences prepares students for a global future by providing them with a nurturing environment to develop into critical, analytical and creative thinkers.

The School offers undergraduate and graduate programmes in Economics, Psychology, Public Policy & Global Affairs and Sociology, as well as interdisciplinary subjects such Environmental & Urban Studies and Global Asia.


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Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information


The Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information is reputed as one of Asia’s best in communication education and research. In a mere 15 years, the school has produced media professionals who have significantly contributed to the media scene locally and overseas. The School’s established ties with the local industry, and strong international links with elite communication and information partners ensure a curriculum that is highly relevant and richly rewarding.


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Nanyang Centre for Public Administration


Nanyang Technological University (NTU) set up the Nanyang Centre for Public Administration (NCPA) in December 2009 under its College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences (HASS). The Centre aims to enhance the training of Chinese officials and public administrators and spearhead China-related research on public administration and economic management.

Building on NTU’s strengths and expertise in delivering high quality education programmes for Chinese officials and senior administrators, NCPA taps on the university’s rich interdisciplinary resources by bringing together eminent scholars from the different colleges and schools within NTU for programme development, teaching and research.

The centre also engages acclaimed public administration industry practitioners, who specialise in the research and teaching of China’s sociology, economy, politics, public administration and environmental issues, to share their valuable insights on Singapore’s model of public governance.


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Centre for Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

The Centre for Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) is the trans-disciplinary research centre of the College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences.

Established in 2006, it brings together researchers from various fields - including English, Chinese, Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Linguistics, Communications, and Art, Design & Media - so as to open new registers of thinking within their respective discourses through include seminars, lectures, workshops, conferences, exhibitions and other platforms.

CLASS aims to facilitate interactions between local and international scholars who are attempting to rethink the boundaries of their disciplines.​


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Nanyang China Institute

The Nanyang China Institute (NCI) brings together the intellectual resources of the University in spearheading research on China.  Established in 2011, NCI serves as a focal point in advancing the “New Silk Road” initiative, one of NTU’s “Five Peaks of Excellence.” While NCI welcomes all areas of research on China, it focuses on three main themes at present; namely, (a) Language and Culture, (b) Economy and Sociopolitical Development, and (c) Technology and Social Change. NCI is committed to crossing disciplinary boundaries, to facilitating ground-breaking interdisciplinary research, in gaining deeper understanding and new insight into China’s rich cultural traditions and contemporary development. 

NCI welcomes visiting researchers, organizes regular scholarly activities, and actively engages with international partners, especially with the view of fostering collaboration among the best scholars working on China from all parts of the world, and building a key knowledge hub along the metaphoric “new silk road.”  NCI also complements the University’s Chinese Heritage Centre, which is devoted to research on Chinese Overseas, and key educational programmes such as the School of Humanities and Social Sciences’ Master in Contemporary China programme, and the Master of Public Administration programmes offered by the Nanyang Centre of Public Administration—dubbed the “Mayors’ Class” by the local and Chinese media—designed especially for senior Chinese government officials.​


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