Discover HASS (Issue 2 - Sep 2012)



International Summer School in China 2013

As I have updated in the last issue of Discover HASS, the College celebrated the successful conclusion of the inaugural run of the NTU International Summer School in China Programme last month.  One of our international partners, Bryn Mawr College, has published a report on the summer school, which can be accessed from this link:  

Faculty and staff from NTU, Bryn Mawr College, and Tianjin University, at the closing ceremony of Summer School 2012, 4 August 2012

HASS has started planning for the second edition of the Summer School, possibly with more universities participating. New courses will be needed as the programme expands. I would like to invite interested colleagues to please contact Ms. Seeto Wei Peng at the Dean’s Office for details. I am happy to note that some of you have already contacted Wei Peng to explore possibilities for 2013.