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​Robodog Master

Published on: 28-Jul-2019

Robodog master: His love for collectibles led #NTUsg Art, Design and Media (ADM) grad Ong Zi Feng to set up a shop to help adults embrace their inner child. His shop selling collectibles designed by him has served more than 2000 customers since 2016. The Interactive Media major took his final-year project a step further and built a robodog, HibA, that helps guide visitors to exhibits within an art gallery. “NTU has taught me many valuable skills such as coding, and that gave me the freedom to explore and combine my interests, which is how HibA came about. It combines programming, robotics, UI design, metalworks and props making,” says Zi Feng who will pursue his Master’s at NTU where he had a memorable four years.

#NTUsgConvo19 NTU School of Art, Design and Media (ADM)

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