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​A Heart for Refugees

Published on: 27-Jul-2019

A heart for refugees: #NTUsg communication grad Esna Ong went to Jordan not just once, but thrice, to help the refugees. She first read about the plight of the Syrian refugees during A-levels and spent seven months in Jordan where she taught English to refugees. Instead of getting presents for her 21st birthday, she did a fundraiser so she could deliver food supplies to the refugees in Jordan with her friends. Back in Jordan for an internship with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, she put public relations, video production and the social media skills learnt at #NTUsg to good use. Strongly believing that “refugees need not just sympathy, but also economic opportunities”, she hopes to have a chance to work with the markets in the Middle East in the future, as she starts her job as a management associate at Enterprise Singapore.

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