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​From sleeping in void decks to enrolling at Oxford

Published on: 18-Jul-2019

From sleeping in void decks to enrolling at Oxford

The Straits Times, page B2 (with picture lead on page A1)


Public Service Commission (PSC) scholarship recipient, Mr Zulhaqem Zulkifli, 27, used to spend Sundays with his father, rummaging through dumpsters for scrap metal and cardboard boxes to sell. It was hard work under the hot sun. "People thought I was in some sports CCA (co-curricular activity) because I was so tanned. I told them 'yeah, I do sports – at the dumpsters'," the philosophy student at NTU said in jest. It was just one of the many odd jobs Mr Zulhaqem did to help his father and three younger siblings, who were homeless at one point. Yet, through it all, he was determined to finish and excel in his studies. In September, Mr Zulhaqem will be pursuing a master's degree in Buddhist studies at the University of Oxford under the PSC scholarship. He was one of 93 individuals who were awarded the scholarship yesterday at the Parkroyal on Beach Road hotel.

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