Interdisciplinary Graduate Programme


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The Interdisciplinary Graduate Programme (IGP) at NTU seeks to tear down old barriers and drive research into areas that need a multi-disciplinary approach. Students will be required to work on research projects that cut across disciplinary boundaries.

IGP focuses on four key research areas – Global Asia, Sustainable Earth, Secure Community, and Healthy Society – tapping on the faculty and talents in the university’s research centres of excellence, research institutes, colleges and schools.

Located in Singapore where the East meets West, the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences takes a special interest in examining the rise and relevance of Asia and studies the region from an interconnected global-contextualist viewpoint. Research will explore from an interdisciplinary perspective global and local issues such as social change, economic development, ethnic and cultural identity, and multilingualism.

Global Asia
Bringing a new focus and understanding to the rapid transformation of Asia and its linkages to the rest of the world, Global Asia Peak integrates a broad spectrum of research strengths across the University including business studies, social sciences, the humanities and the natural sciences.

The Peak takes advantage of Singapore's geographical position at the heart of Asia and NTU's competitive advantage in business studies, international policies and the arts as well as strong roots and links to China, India and the surrounding parts of Southeast Asia. Asia accounts for 60% of the world's population, one third of its GDP and is now recognised as the supply chain and manufacturing hub of the planet. Understanding the new Global Asia has never been more important and the continuing growth of Asia is of particular relevance to Singapore. With the aim of contributing to the national development of Singapore in Asian context and offer academic leadership in this area, the Peak will adopt three foci - Business Asia, Cultural Asia and Transformational Asia.


Scholarships may be available for high quality candidates.

Please click here to view the research projects for the January AY2020/21 intake.​