Graduate Programmes


Cross-Offering Courses

The College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences synergies with its four schools to offer the following courses for Postgraduate (Research) students within the college. Students can register these courses through the Cross-Programme Course Registration System and course instructor's approval is not required.


School Course Code​​ Course Title ​Pre-Requisite(s)​ Course Instructor​
​ADM ​AP9046 ​Design: An Asian Perspective ​Nil ​Assoc Prof Peer Sathikh
​ADM ​AP9047 ​Seminar in Media Production ​Nil ​Assoc Prof Chul Heo
​SoH ​HC7003 ​Special Topics in Chinese Overseas & Their Relations with China ​Nil
​SoH ​HC7014 ​A Study of Chinese-Language Film Culture ​Students need at least: (1) a good pass in GCE ‘O’ level Chinese or Higher Chinese, or (2) a pass in GCE ‘A’ level H1 Chinese or H2 Chinese, or (3) an equivalent.​​​​  ​Assoc Prof Hee Wai Siam
​SoH ​HC7102 ​Shi ji & Early Chinese Historiography: Critical Reading & Cross-disciplinary Perspectives ​Background in Chinese ​Assoc Prof Qu Jingyi
​SoH ​HH9001 ​Transnational History: Theories, Methods & Practices ​Nil ​TBC
​SSS ​HE9001 ​Mathematical Economics ​Background in Economics, Calculus, Fundamental Mathematics ​Assoc Prof Huang Weihong
​SSS ​HE9002 ​Econometrics I ​Intermediate Econometrics, Statisitics ​Assoc Prof Feng Qu
Asst Prof Wang Wenjie
​SSS ​HE9101 ​Seminar in Microeconomics ​Compulsory for 1st year Economics PhD Students. For other students: Undergraduate microeconomics. ​TBC
​SSS ​HP7108 ​Pro-Seminar in Cognitive Psychology ​Background in Social Science Research Methods, and Psychology or related field. ​Asst Prof Charles Or
​SSS ​HP7302 ​Qualitative Methods in Psychology ​Background in Psychology or related field. ​Asst Prof Andy Ho
​WKWSCI A9012 ​Communication Theory ​Nil ​Asst Prof Nuri Kim 
​WKWSCI ​A9014 ​Advanced Quantitative Research Methods in Communication and Information ​Students must have read or audited an undergraduate statistics course ​Assoc Prof Shirley Ho Soo Yee
​WKWSCI A9015​​ ​Advanced Qualitative Research Methods in Communication and Information
​Students must at least read or audited undergraduate course such as COM2008/
Students must have foundational knowledge of qualitative research.


​Assoc Prof Edson Castro Tandoc Jr
​WKWSCI ​A9101 ​New Media and Society ​Nil ​Assoc Prof Vivian Chen Hsueh Hua 
​WKWSCI ​A9103 ​Mind and Media ​Nil ​Prof Lee Kwan Min 
​WKWSCI ​A9104 ​Network Analysis: Theory and Methods ​Nil Asst Prof Poong Oh