Double Major



HASS offers the following sixteen combinations:

  1. Chinese and English*NEW
  2. Chinese and Linguistics and Multilingual Studies​*NEW
  3. Economics and Media Analytics
  4. Economics and Psychology
  5. Economics and Public Policy and Global Affairs
  6. English and History*NEW
  7. English and Philosophy*NEW
  8. English Literature and Art History
  9. History and Chinese*NEW
  10. History and Linguistics and Multilingual Studies​*NEW
  11. Linguistics and Multilingual Studies and English*NEW
  12. Linguistics and Multilingual Studies and Philosophy*NEW
  13. Philosophy and Chinese*NEW
  14. Philosophy and History​*NEW
  15. Psychology and Linguistics and Multilingual Studies
  16. Psychology and Media Analytics


All sixteen academic combinations offer exciting multidisciplinary approaches and bring different disciplines into conversation with each other. Many of these disciplines already exist as single major degrees in NTU’s progressive College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, while several new emphases are being introduced. For example, Art History will be offered for the very first time as a major in a Singapore university and will make a valuable contribution to Singapore’s exciting Arts and Culture environment, while Media Analytics, a cutting-edge new major, offered by The Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, will enable students to understand, and engage with, the shifting social media landscape, big data, and digital media, and it will develop students who have high-level competency in evaluating organisational opportunities and risks.

All of these combinations will focus on developing genuine academic depth in two disciplines and will encourage students to develop a truly multidisciplinary outlook and a set of widely usable skills after graduation.​