Research Highlights


College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (CoHASS) has launched our very own Research Highlights in September 2019! 

Stay tuned to this page as we will share with you the research that our faculty is currently working on, or have already done!
​Faculty Research
 Latest Highlight
Profile Pic_Asst Prof Loh Ming Hui Dylan.jpg
Asst Prof Loh Ming Hui Dylan
Public Policy and Global Affairs
School of Social Sciences

Diplomacy at the margins: How non-state actors sustain, contest and supplant international diplomacy​
Past Highlights​ 

Asst Prof Zhou Taomo_v3.jpg
Asst Prof Zhou Taomo
School of Humanities

Migration in the Time of Revolution: China, Indonesia, and the Cold War
Past Highlights​
Dr Zhang Yun_Profile Pic.JPG
 Dr Zhang Yun
Post Doctoral Fellow
The Vernacular Science of Feminine Hygiene: Meanings of Women’s Reproductive Health and Bodies in Modern China
3. SoH_LCC_Lecturer_Dr Keri Matwick_Profile Pic.jpg
 ​​Dr Keri Matwick
Language and Communication Centre,

​Singapore Cookbooks: The Cooking of a National Identity​
Assoc Prof Laura Wu_Profile Pic.jpg
Assoc Prof Laura Wu
Associate Chair
Associate Professor, Economics
Capital Misallocation in China​
Asst Prof Bobby K. Cheon_Profile Pic_v2.jpg
Asst Prof Bobby K. Cheon
Nanyang Assistant Professor, Psychology, SSS
Psychosocial influences on human appetite and eating behavior​
Dr Melvin Chen_Profile Pic.jpg
Dr Melvin Chen
Lecturer, Philosophy, SoH

A Tale of Two Deficits: Causality & Care in Medical AI​​
Asst Prof Gianluca Esposito_Profile Pic_v2.jpg
Asst Prof Gianluca Esposito
Nanyang Assistant Professor, Psychology, SSS
Assoc Prof Md Saidul Islam_Profile Pic.jpg
Assoc Prof Md Saidul Islam
Sociology, SSS
The Rise of the ‘Green’ movement in the Global Environmental Politics
Assoc Prof Yohanes Eko Riyanto.jpg 
​Assoc Prof Yohanes Eko Riyanto
Associate Dean (Research), CoHASS
Experimental and Behavioral Economics​                                             

Assoc Prof Alexander Coupe
Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, SoH           
Ethnolinguistic contact across the Indo-Myanmar-
Southwestern China mountains​
Assoc Prof Teo You Yenn.jpg 
Assoc Prof Teo You Yenn
Provost's Chair in Sociology, SSS
​​​​What older people need in Singapore: A
household budgets study​
Chen lou.jpg 
Asst Prof Chen Lou
Investigating Consumer Engagement with Influencer- vs. Brand-Promoted Ads​