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Power shift? The EU’s Pivot to Asia

The EU Centre’s Associate Fellow Dr Reuben Wong has published a commentary “‘Power shift? The EU’s pivot to Asia” on The UACES Blog.

The world has witnessed the economic resurgence of Asia in the last two decades and the region is now a top priority in all global players’ agenda. Indeed, the US made official their strategic pivot to the Asia-Pacific in 2011, while some EU observers in Asia have recently suggested that the EU has also embarked on its own ‘pivot’ to Asia too. Dr Wong argues that the EU’s actions since 2012 do not constitute a major strategic shift to Asia – while the EU is a major economic player in Asia, it has been unwilling or unable to deploy ‘hard’ security instruments in the region. Should the EU hope to be counted or consulted in shaping security outcomes in Asia, it has to then step up to a more visible and active role in traditional security issues, and also better deploy hard security instruments like the CSDP in order to have any impact on the future architecture of Asian institutions.

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