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The euro is more than politics and economics

Cesare Onestini, EU Fellow at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, has written an op-ed for The Straits Times (Singapore) entitled “The Euro is more than politics and economics.” This article first appeared in the Straits Times on Friday 7 February 2014, page A24.

In this piece, Cesare argues that the euro is more than just a political and economic phenomenon, but a cultural one as well.  Born out of the dream of “an ever closer union”, the common currency project has been called into question with some critics predicting the demise of the Euro, and public dissatisfaction with the Euro crisis has been high. Nevertheless, Europeans – especially the young – still remain overwhelmingly in favour of the Euro, which Cesare argues is due to the Euro’s ability to provide a sense of belonging and to establish Europe’s place in the world. Ultimately, the Euro has become indispensable in the daily lives of Europeans and the continued strong support for the currency suggests that its future is secured.

A copy of this op-ed is available here.