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1st Global Youth Forum

Dr Yeo Lay Hwee, Director, EU Centre in Singapore
A/P Barnard Turner, Senior Fellow, EU Centre in Singapore

31 Jul 2009

Auditorium 302, NTU@one-north Campus


The EU Centre held its 1st Global Youth Forum at the NTU@one-north campus on the 31 July 2009. The event was jointly organised with Global Youth Congress International and was attended by enthusiastic participants from Singapore and ASEAN schools.

Director of EU Centre in Singapore, Dr Yeo Lay Hwee welcomed participants to the event, while Ms Louise Chew introduced participants to the role of the EU Centre in Singapore. In between a video clip encouraging students to explore study opportunities in Europe, Dr Yeo and A/P Barnard Turner, Senior Fellow at the EU Centre gave a historical overview of the European integration project, the transformation of the European continent with the European Union and discussed the role of the European Union in the world.

Some pictures of the event can be found below.