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Climate Change, Environment and Energy Security: “The EU as a Soft Security Actor: Climate Change Policy & Beyond”

Mr Adrian Taylor, Consultant, 4Sing

15 Jul 2009

LT 3, NUS Kent Ridge Campus



The EU is often criticised for its reactive and uncoordinated efforts at a foreign and security policy. Whilst this may be true in the traditional fields of diplomacy and hard security, such a view understates how the EU has increasingly become the leading instrument for EU Member States to conduct their policy in new emerging soft security issues, which embrace challenges ranging from natural resource depletion through climate change to migration. In this respect, the public talk will illustrate how the EU has become a global leader at initiating sovereignty sharing approaches to such problems, and has pushed the global agenda gradually forward. In the run up to Copenhagen, it is therefore interesting to see how the EU has developed this role, and scenarios that could result in over the next few months and years.

The session will begin with an introduction by Mr John Pearson, Head of Climate Change Network in SEA, British Government, drawing attention to the “Implications of climate change on Southeast Asia”, and will provide time for questions and discussion.