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Democracy in Development: Global Consultations on the EU’s Role in Democracy Building

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09 Dec 2009

Shaw Foundation Alumni House Auditorium, 11 Kent Ridge Drive, Singapore 119244

4.00pm – 6.45pm


The European Union is arguably the biggest democratic success story in history. It is often held up as a source of inspiration for achieving peace and prosperity through its approach towards region-building and development.

Should the European Union then step up its efforts to translate its own experiences of integration, democracy and development to support sustainable democracy in other regions? Can the European Union be an effective global player and assume leadership role in supporting democracy building around the world?

With the support of the Swedish government, International IDEA embarked on a project to gather the views and perspectives of partners of the European Union across different regions on the role of the European Union in democracy building. After a series of consultations and feedback, International IDEA has produced report entitled “Democracy in Development: Global Consultations on the EU’s role in Democracy Building”. The report documents the findings on the perceptions of the European Union’s external policies and partnership, as well as recommendations on strengthening the European Union’s policies and practices on supporting democracy and development.

The Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS) and the European Union Centre in Singapore are pleased to jointly organise the launch of this report by International IDEA and a panel discussion with three distinguished panellists Ms Ingrid Wetterqvist (Director, International IDEA, Sweden), Professor S. D. Muni (Visiting Senior Research Fellow, ISAS, Singapore) and Ambassador Rodolfo Severino (Head, ASEAN Studies Centre, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore).