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European Companies in Singapore – the Right Public Policy for the Right Business Environment

Ms Chia Su Yen, Vice President (Public Policy), Credit Suisse

18 Feb 2009
National Institute of Education


Singapore is host to over 2000 European companies. Investments from these companies in total amount to over 100 billion Singapore Dollars, and Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) coming from the European countries has seen very strong growth in the past decade. Despite the intensifying competition for FDI among Asian countries, Singapore continues to attract significant investments from Europe and many European companies have used Singapore as a launch pad or headquarters for their operations in this region. The global economic crisis will no doubt impact on these investments and operations. On broader terms, how is the current crisis affecting the Asia Pacific region? How does a financial services institution promote a strong and stable economic environment that engenders sound long‐term relationships with their stakeholders?