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The European Union’s Real Influence on ASEAN: An Analytical Framework

Mr Tobias Lenz, DPhil Candidate, International Relations, St Antony’s College, University of Oxford

24 Sep 2009

CDTL Seminar Room 1 Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning National University of Singapore 10 Kent Ridge Crescent Singapore 119260

2.00pm – 3.30pm


Regionalism has become a perennial feature of the world order, which has concurrently given rise to a new phenomenon in international relations: the relationships between regional groupings such as the EU and ASEAN. The interregional relationship between the blocs since the early 1970s is among the oldest of its kind. Beyond fostering mutual cooperation und understanding, these relations have also served to share experiences of regional integration. The EU has become one of the most active promoters of ASEAN’s cooperative efforts, through financial and technical assistance. But what have been the real results of these interactions? How has EU-ASEAN interregionalism asserted itself into ASEAN regional cooperation and integration? In this research seminar, Mr Lenz will present a framework for understanding the EU’s influence on regionalism in ASEAN, and its applications to findings from fieldwork in Southeast Asia, conducted while being hosted at the EU Centre. Does EU influence, with fairly recent developments of the ASEAN Charter and mooted economic integration, amongst other factors, attest or deflect from the increasing soft power of European ideals of regional integration?

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