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Does the EU need a new Asia strategy?

Mr Alain RUCHE Deputy Head of Unit, DG External Relations, European Commission

12 Jan 2010

ASEF Conference Room, Asia-Europe Foundation, 31 Heng Mui Keng Terrace, Singapore 119595

4.00pm – 5.30pm


The first public talk of the year by Mr Alain Ruche (Dy Director, European Commission) on “Does EU need a new Asia Strategy” is co-organised with ASEF, on 12 January 2010.  Held at the ASEF conference room, the event was attended by over 60 participants.

The EU’s external relations with Asia are still underpinned by the 2001 European Commission Communication “Europe and Asia: a strategic framework for enhanced partnership”.  This Communication was released just before the events of September 11.   With the tremendous changes that have taken place both in Europe and Asia, and globally, and with the passage of the Lisbon Treaty aimed at shoring up the EU’s identity and capacity to act on the world stage,  this lecture will ask if a more coherent EU strategy towards the Asia region, particularly the Southeast Asian (SEA) region, is feasible and opportune. At the same time, the presentation will review the EU’s engagement of Asia in the past, the broadening scope of EU instruments and policies towards Asia, and sketch possible outlines of future EU-Asia strategy in the new, multi-polar world.