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European Negotiation Workshop – How to Negotiate with the European Union

Jointly sponsored by the Singapore Cooperation Programme of the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs & the European Union Centre, Singapore. Training conducted by the Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation (IRENE), ESSEC Business School.

05 Dec 2011

NTU@one-north campus, Singapore

9.00am – 5.30pm



The EU Centre hosted a three-day European Negotiation Workshop, ‘How to Negotiate with the European Union’ on 5-7 Dec 2011, which combined negotiation skills training along with practical knowledge of the European Union, its institutions, decision-making practices and bureaucratic culture. The workshop, which included talks, interactive lecture sessions, negotiation simulations, and individual and group practical sessions, was attended by trade and foreign ministry officials from the region.

The first day focused on building up the participant’s skills in negotiation strategy and preparation, while the second day looked more specifically at the EU’s institutions and policy-making processes. A simulation, ‘The 10th Bilateral Summit’ enabled the participants to understand better the dynamics of the EU’s internal negotiations, as well as build on the skills leant the day before. The third day focused on multilateral negotiations with the EU, the EU’s trade policy, and the complexities of FTA negotiations. For many, the highlight was the closing talk by Ambassador of the European Union to Singapore, Marc Ungeheuer. He spoke on the changes to the EU’s foreign policy after the introduction of the Lisbon Treaty, and on a more personal level, the complexities of his role as Ambassador with these treaty changes. The was followed by an informal Q&A session in which the workshop participants posed a range questions from the intricacies of the EU’s FTA strategy in Asia to the role of EU institutions like the European Parliament in the FTA negotiation processes.

The workshop was co-organised with the Singapore Cooperation Programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and training was provided by ESSEC Business School’s IRENE (Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation in Europe.

ESSEC-IRENE has also published their own report of the workshop, available here​.

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