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Europe Beyond the Debt Crisis: Recovery and Reform

Speakers Giles Merritt, Secretary General, Friends of Europe

 Date 3 April 2012

 Venue Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA) House

 Time 5.30 – 7 pm 


In his talk, Giles Merritt, former Brussels correspondent for the Financial Times and the founding

Secretary General of Friends of Europe, will give his insights on the situation in Europe as we

enter 2012. He will discuss the recent actions taken at the European level to address the

immediate problems posed by the sovereign debt crisis, and longer-term regulatory measures to

ensure the stability of the financial sector. Have all these measures helped to boost investor

confidence and where is Europe heading? Mr Merritt will argue that the crisis is no longer just an

economic one – it has implications for European integration, having touched on debates

surrounding the limits of solidarity and issues of democratic legitimacy and state sovereignty.

With economic coordination of the euro zone still lacking, the idea of a two-speed Europe is

gaining traction. What would all these potential developments mean for emerging economies in

Asia that are still dependent on markets in the developed world?