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Europe and Asia: Museums, Markets and More – Looking Beyond Crisis and Commerce

Dr Yeo Lay Hwee, Director of EU Centre in Singapore (EUC) and Mr Loke Hoe Yeong, Policy and Programme Executive, EUC

15 Aug 2012

Woodlands Regional Library, 900 South Woodlands Drive, Woodlands Civic Centre, #01-03, Singapore 730900



For many people in Singapore, the mention of Europe brings to mind museums, castles, cobble-stoned streets, culture and culinary pleasures. In contrast, Asia is often associated in the media with economic growth, potential markets, and sometimes poverty and political transition.

In the past two years in particular, Europe is perceived to be in decline and in trouble because of the financial and debt crisis in the Eurozone, while Asia is perceived to be on the rise and the engine of growth.

Taking a long view beyond the immediate crisis and commercial gain, this talk will look at both the rich exchanges and encounters between Europe and Asia over the years, and explore the rewards and potential of educational and people to people exchanges.

Dr Yeo Lay Hwee, Director of the European Union Centre in Singapore (EUC), sharedn overview of the longstanding relationship between Europe and Asia, while Loke Hoe Yeong, Policy and Programme Executive of the EUC, explored what constitutes the geographical extent of ‘Europe’ through a look at Turkey, the South Caucasus and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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