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Achievements and challenges of the EU

HE Dr Michael Pulch, Ambassador and Head of Delegation, Delegation of the EU to Singapore

6 December 2013 (Friday)

Global Learning Room, Stephen Riady Centre, University Town, NUS


On 6 December, the EU Centre in Singapore held a prize presentation for its essay competition organised  jointly with the National University of Singapore (NUS) Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The competition participants were asked to describe their thoughts on either the main achievements or the main challenges of the EU, in a creative manner.

The three prize winners for the competition were selected by a jury consisting of Assoc Prof Reuben Wong (Director of Studies, College of Alice and Peter Tan; Dept of Political Science, NUS) and Dr Barnard Turner (Academic Convenor, European Studies, NUS) and Dr Yeo Lay Hwee, Director of the EU Centre. The winners were:

- 1st prize: Mr Lim Yejie, who wrote on the challenges of the Eurozone financial crisis and possible solution thoughtfully expressed through eloquent poetry;

- 2nd prize: Ms Vina Jie-Min Prasad, who wrote on the freedom of movement in the EU and the protection of the environment through the format of a creative letter to the EU by a long-tailed shrike;

- 3rd prize: Mr Lam Pak Nianwho wrote an essay on the lessons that ASEAN and Singapore can learn from the EU, which was presented in an easy-to-comprehend infographic.

The event also featured a dialogue session on the “Achievements and challenges of the EU” with Dr Michael Pulch, the recently appointed Ambassador of the EU to Singapore, who presented the prizes. Dr Pulch fielded questions from the audience on a wide variety of topics from solving unemployment in the EU, to Ukraine-EU relations which had been dominating the news, to how the Singapore-EU free trade agreement will allow for the easier exchange of professionals.

For more photos of the event, please click here.