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“How we hated each other!”


01 Feb 2013

LT 702, Executive Centre, NTU@one-north 11 Slim Barracks Rise, Level 7, Singapore 138664

6 – 8 pm


In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Elysee Treaty (signed between France and Germany on 22 Jan 1963) that brought about the historical reconciliation of France and Germany in Europe, the EU Centre would like to invite you to a special screening of  “Nous Nous sommes tant hais” (How we hated each other!)


You are cordially invited to the film screening and a dinner reception after the movie.

For details of the screening, click the icon of the movie still (top right corner of this event listing) for the event flyer.


This film “Nous Nous sommes tant hais” (How we hated each other!) a love story between a French woman and German man, was set in the post-World War II period at a time when Jean Monnet, the architect of European integration was working with Robert Schuman to broker a deal to place the production of coal and steel under a common High Authority, as a first step towards elimination of the age-old rivalry of France and Germany, and create a de facto solidarity that will transform Europe. The story of the tumultuous origin of the European Coal and Steel Community (the predecessor of the EU) was told through the chance “reunion” of Marie and Jürgen, the two key characters in the film.