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Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM): The Way Forward

ASEM Think Tank Dialogue in Singapore (6-7 June)

On 16-17 October 2014, the next Asia Europe Meeting (ASEM) Summit will be held in the city of Milan, Italy. Given the importance of ASEM for Asia-Europe relations, the EU Centre together with its partners, KAS, FRIDE, and ISDS held a dialogue on 6-7 June gathering the heads and senior representatives of major think tanks and institutes in the Asia-Pacific and Europe, as well as experts and opinion shapers on both sides, to debate the key issues within EU-Asia-Pacific relations and the role and future of ASEM. More than 40 representatives in the dialogue had an interesting 2-day discussion on the relevance of ASEM in a crowded regional environment and how to reinvent ASEM. Several issues on the EU-Asia agenda such as security in Afghanistan and the Indo-pacific, climate change and sustainable growth and the role of education were also discussed.

The Managing Director and Head of Asia-Pacific Department, EEAS, Ambassador Viorel Isticioaia Budura, delivered his keynote speech at the welcome dinner of this conference.

Pictures of the dialogue can be found on our Facebook page (see below). Our centre has also published a substantive roundtable report that incorporates the key ideas presented by distinguished panellists during the event. A free copy of the dialogue can be downloaded here.