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The EU and Singapore: Policy Challenges and Mutual Learning

Open to all residents in Singapore aged 16 to 25

 Competition Period
11th February 2014 to 20th April 2014




Infographic Competition Observer IMG 


Earlier in 2014, the EU Centre in Singapore organised an infographics competition entitled The EU and Singapore: Policy Challenges and Mutual Learning. The Competition was organised with the aim to inspire Singapore residents aged 16 to 25 to learn more about some of the policy challenges in Europe and how some of these may inform us in our policy choices.

Participants  were allowed to make individual submissions or in a team of up to four members, and their infographic had to respond to one of the following topics listed below:

Topic one: Immigration & integration

The lifting of immigration controls on Romanian and Bulgarian citizens in January 2014 and the attraction Europe holds for migrants from the Middle East and Africa seeking a better life have sparked intense debate about the freedom of movement within the EU and issues related to immigration and integration. Similarly, there are Intense debates about migrants and integration in Singapore too.  In your view, how do European policies on migration and managing diversities compare to Singapore’s?

Topic two: Education and Employment

Chronic youth unemployment is a major issue in many member states of the EU. At the same time, there are also complaints on shortage of skilled labour. Existing education systems and training schemes are widely blamed for failing to equip young people with the skills needed to cope with evolving market demand. Different stages of economic development have also let to conflicting policy priorities between the European North and South. What lessons are there to be learnt for Singapore, in its current review of education and restructuring of the economy?

Topic three: The single market

The successful development of a single market with free movement of goods and services along with the introduction of Euro as the common currency of 18 EU member states, have led to calls for a common market to be established in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Is there a future for a common market in ASEAN, too? Discuss with reference to the removal of barriers to trade, and investments allowing for freer flow of goods, capital and labour.

Topic four: Renewable energy in the EU

The EU is at the forefront in the development and application of renewable energy. Electrical generation through tidal and geothermal sources is gaining traction, while there is also significant public sector research into renewable energy. How does the EU model of energy generation align with Singapore’s goals of achieving energy independence and combating global warming?

Topic five: Social cohesion

Multiple fault lines have emerged in Singapore society in the last decade or so, leading to more discussions on improving or designing new policies for a more inclusive society. Discussions on social cohesion in Europe take a multi-dimensional view on social inclusion, social capital and social mobility and may offer some lessons for Singapore. To what extent can Singapore draw lessons from Europe on instituting robust social cohesion policies?


Submissions for the 2014 European Union Infographics Competition were received and the centre’s judging panel awarded the prizes to the following participants:

1st Prize Winners of Infographics Competition 

1st Prize Winners of Infographics Competition, Ms Kimberly Lim and Sharon Li

1st Prize: Ms Lim Xin Wen Kimberly and Ms Sharon Li Xin Rui (Team Unitas) of Dunman High School, Singapore [infographic]

2nd Prize winner of Infographics Competition

2nd Prize winner of Infographics Competition, Ms Tricia Chean

2nd Prize: Ms Chean Xuanhui Tricia (National University of Singapore) [infographic​]


3rd Prize: Mr Chen Youchen (Nanyang Technological University) [infographic]


Two consolation prizes were awarded to the following participants:

Consolation Prize winners 

Consolation Prize winners Mr Yew Mun Hing, Mr Teo Chen Ning and Mr Chan Jie Lin

Mr Yew Mun Hing, Mr Teo Chen Ning and Mr Chan Jie Lin (Team Paper Planes) of Dunman High School, Singapore [infographic]


Mr Ng Zhong Jing (Nanyang Technological University) [infographic]​