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EUC Short Documentary Competition: The Final Five

The five short documentary films submitted for the EU Centre’s Documentary Film Competition on the theme “Celebrating Singapore’s Connections with Europe” can be found in the section below:

There will be an online voting segment where members of the public can vote for their favourite short documentary film. This will run from 10 April 2015 to 19 April 2015. 20% of each shortlisted film’s score will be determined by online voting, so please do support your favourite film! [Online voting has since closed - winners of the draw will be announced after 24th April 2015].

The centre will also conduct a draw where two lucky individuals will win tickets for the premiere of “The Connection” at the 25th European Union Film Festival! Terms and conditions for the online voting exercise can be found here.

List of films (in alphabetical order): 

A Trip to the Eurasian Association
Filmmakers: Gwen Koh and Sun Yang [bios​]

Europe’s imprint on Singapore has not been limited to Singapore’s relatively short history of fifty years. Before Singapore’s independence, she had been a trading port for both the Eastern and Western worlds. Having been a notable presence since Singapore’s founding in 1819, Europe now has many significant connections with Singapore, one of which would be through the descendants’ early European settlers left behind — the Eurasian people of Singapore. In this short documentary, we explore a little of Singapore’s history, and visit the Eurasian Association at 139 Ceylon Road to find out more about this lineage of people who carry the bloodline of both East and West.

Flower Times would like to express its heartfelt appreciation for the people at Eurasian Community House, Quentin’s Restaraunt & the SeanElijah band for providing premises and time towards the filming of this documentary.

BLEND (A Rap-Umentary)
Filmmaker: Taufiq Nazri [bio]

BLEND (A Rap-Umentary) aims to understand how individuals from a European ancestry connects, bonds and identify with the various local ethnic groups during their National Service in Singapore. Through candid and anecdotal accounts, it is hoped that the audience will be able to appreciate the sentiments and thought processes of the individuals when they were serving their National Service alongside the young men from the native ethnic groups.

DeliciAsia – Sing for Food
Filmmakers: Luk Po Ling Pauline and Mie Gradert Thomsen [bios]

Marte is an exchange student from Norway and is currently studying in Singapore for half a year. Her university provides a host family programme for international students and she met her host, Elaine, who loves cooking. This documentary captures Marte’s experience in going to the wet market and learning how to cook three local dishes with Elaine. Marte learned how to use herbs and spices to cook satay, kueh pie tee and Thai green curry in one day. This programme also shows their views on what the differences are in food culture in Singapore and Europe.

Filmmakers: Shanice Stanislaus, Reuben Su, Stacey Yuen and Timothy Chua [bios]

Duende, the Spanish word for soul, was originally used to describe the passion and spirit of evocation of the flamenco dancers from Andalucia, southern Spain. It is precisely this transcendent quality which makes flamenco a dance form capable of expressing an incredible range of human emotions, gifting audiences with unparalleled aesthetic experiences.

Set in the heartland of Geylang, the film explores the spirit of Duende that exists halfway across the world – in Singapore. We follow in the footsteps of an average Singaporean and flamenco dancer, Daphne Huang. She shares with us her strong passion for the Spanish cultural art form along with many other Singaporeans from all walks of life.

Friendship, Diversity, Openness
Filmmakers: Liew Jun Liang, Chew Xuan Zheng, Shalyn Kochappi, Sheena Ong and Oon Tian Sern [bios​]

By being open, adaptable to change and committed to bilateral diplomacy, strong EU-SG relations have been fostered and the friendship has been rosy throughout the years. Through the film, we aim to capture the dynamism of EU-SG ties and cultures with a youthful perspective. As such, our film features a mix of European and Singaporean students as they navigate through the unfamiliar adventures of local food, street soccer, and Pasar Malam (Bahasa Melayu for “Night Market”), as well as coping with unexpected disruptions such as heavy rain. Through the adventure, the film captures the theme of diversity, open-mindedness, adaptability to change and friendship through individual and group interviews. In this group sharing, the group gathers to reflect on the day’s activities and uncover the differences in experiences in Europe and Singapore.

Complementary to the adventure of the youth group are snippets of interviews with European and Eurasian working professionals. These interviews contribute to a greater understanding of European cultural differences, multiculturalism, and the role of sports and music as driving forces which unite peoples of different descent. Through these subtexts, we attempt to convey a spirit of dynamism and adventure.

The use of original local music, and remixes of local tunes in the street soccer scene, emphasizes the local experiences and adventures enjoyed by this group of youths. It also exemplifies the feelings of adventure, fun, and heart-warming experiences in order to give concrete interpretations to the narrative of friendship, diversity and openness as portrayed in this film.