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Rethinking EU’s Engagement in the Asia-Pacific

The EU Centre in Singapore together with the European Centre of Excellence – University of Montreal-McGill University convened a workshop on Rethinking EU’s Engagement in the Asia-Pacific.  This workshop brought together scholars and experts from the Asia-Pacific region and EU policy makers to discuss EU’s engagement with the Asia-Pacific in the light of the political crisis in Ukraine, and its diminished stature and image as a successful regional entity and economic power as a result of the sovereign debt crisis.

The workshop aimed to address questions on how can the EU maintain a steady presence in the Asia-Pacific and strengthen its partnership with key actors in the Asia-Pacific? What should the priorities of the EU be, and how can the EU bring together the different soft power tools in order to have a stronger common foreign policy in this region?

The outline of the workshop is available here.

Slides for the following presenters can be found here:

Dr Michael Reiterer
Prof Su Hungdah
Dr Evi Fitriani
Dr Annmarie Elijah
Dr Simon Duke
Prof Chen Zhimin
Prof Toshiya Nakamura
Prof Park Sunghoon
Dr Antoine Rayroux
Dr Silviu Jora
Dr Cher Lai Suet Yi
Dr Stefan Hell​