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[By Invitation Only] Conference on “Engaging a Global China: EU’s and ASEAN’s Perspectives and Responses”


The EU Centre in Singapore and Leiden Asia Centre, Netherlands are jointly organising a conference on “Engaging a Global China: EU’s and ASEAN’s Perspectives and Responses”.

The one and a half day conference in October 2018 will offer a multifaceted look into the challenges and opportunities of engaging a global China. The papers presented at this conference will examine how different EU and ASEAN member states relate to China not only in the economic sphere but also in the political and security arena. Research findings on the motives and impact of Chinese investments in the EU and ASEAN will be shared. The conference will also look into the varied responses from EU and ASEAN member states to the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Last but not least, the conference will also examine how people-to-people exchange through education, scientific and research collaboration can shape the long term engagement amongst EU, ASEAN and China.

Registration by invitation and prior registration only.