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The Future of EU Defence Integration Post-Brexit


Dr David Garcia Cantalapiedra, the EU Centre’s Visiting Fellow and Associate Professor at the Department of International Law and International Relations at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) and former senior analyst for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), gave a lecture on “The Future of EU Defence Integration Post-Brexit”. He spoke about the process of defence integration in the EU, which seemed to have hasten in the face of Brexit. The 2016 EU’s Global Strategy 2016 also, called for the EU to be able to exercise strategic autonomy. With the UK being the biggest contributor to defence spending of all EU member states, and a key security player, the EU has launched many initiatives to enhance defence integration, such as the set up of aEuropean Defence Fund to foster research and development in defence and military technologies.

A copy of the event report can be downloaded HERE​.