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The Limits of Globalisation and European Integration


The talk by Dr Heribert Dieter on Limits of Globalisation and European integration was timely in view of the rising discontents against globalisation and populist backlash seen in several OECD countries. Dr Dieter began his talk on this by pointing to the current and recurrent rhetorics of globalization coming to an end. In the past, maybe as recent as five years ago, these kind of sentiments with regards to the end of globalisation would have been considered absurd; yet today, in lieu of events such as Brexit and Trumps’ America first rhetoric, this question is rightfully being considered more seriously. Issues such as concerns over the international division of labour, difficulties in forging cooperation at multilateral level, the return of the flag and family, have fuelled populist sentiments in OECD countries.

A copy of the event report can be downloaded HERE.