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April 2018 - Scene@CMM

The Aril 2018 issue of the quarterly newsletter, Scene@CMM is out. The highlight of this issue features the upcoming Summer Programme 2018, organised as one of the key activities under the Jean Monnet Network (JMN) funding together with our partners. The 2-week Summer Programme in Brussels and Jakarta in July 2018 introduces students to the European Union (EU) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

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Summer Programme 2018

The EU Centre together with its partners in the Jean Monnet Network on Challenges to Multiculturalism and Multilateralism (JMN-CMM: are organizing a 2-week Summer Programme in Brussels and Jakarta in July 2018 to introduce students to the European Union (EU) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). The programme will explore how these two regional organisations relate to each other and how they respond to the challenges to multilateralism in a turbulent world.

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ASEM Day – What does it say about Asia-Europe relations
By Dr Yeo Lay Hwee, Ms Shada Islam and Dr Bart Gaens

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    The Asia-Pacific’s Response to Rising U.S.         Protectionism
     By Jason Ji Xianbai and Pradumna B. Rana

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EU-ASEAN Security Cooperation
By Dr Yeo Lay Hwee
Director, EU Centre in Singapore

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Past Events

Launch of H2020 Project : EU-ASEAN Cooperation on Cybersecurity Awareness
on 10 January 2018

Dr Yeo Lay Hwee, Director of the EU Centre spoke at the launch of “YAKSHA” on 10 January – a H2020 research and innovation project aimed at building partnerships between EU and ASEAN in the Cyber-domain. The project which brings together 8 European and 5 ASEAN partners – comprising a mixture of research institutions, public agencies, and private sector (SMEs) actors – will leverage on EU know-how and expertise to develop innovative methods for malware detection and develop software to improve cybersecurity and help build capacity in the cyber-domain.

Central European Responses towards Chinese Investment – the 16+1 Framework and the Belt & Road Initiative
on 2 February 2018

On 2 February 2018, Dr. Richard Q. Turcsányi gave a lecture on Chinese investment in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), pointing out that China-CEE relations, under the so-called 16+1 framework, have become a “hot topic” in recent years because of concerns over Chinese influence. The aim of this talk therefore was to elaborate on the theoretical background with the central questions being around China’s foreign policy in the CEE region, the motivations behind China’s 16+1 framework and how all these fit into the overall Chinese foreign policy strategy.

The Limits of Globalisation and European Integration
on 23 February 2018

The talk by Dr Heribert Dieter on Limits of Globalisation and European integration was timely in view of the rising discontents against globalisation and populist backlash seen in several OECD countries. Dr Dieter began his talk by pointing to the current and recurrent rhetorics of globalization coming to an end.

EU-ASEAN Strategic Thinkers Forum
on 27-28 February 2018

To celebrate 40 years of EU-ASEAN partnership, the EU and ASEAN organised two flagship events in Brussels to reflect on what the partnership has achieved so far and to look ahead and discuss the prospects for closer cooperation in the years to come. The EU-ASEAN Young Leaders Forum was held on 26 February, and the EU-ASEAN Strategic Thinkers’ Forum was held on 27-28 February.

Asia & Europe – In search for a balance between challenges and opportunities
on 22-23 March 2018

Dr Yeo Lay Hwee, Director of the European Union Centre in Singapore, attended the “Asia & Europe – In search for a balance between challenges and opportunities” conference organised by the ISPI – Italian Institute for International Political Studies. The event was held over two days (22 and 23 March 2018) and it gathered high-level experts, scholars and business leaders from the EU and Asia region for a public conference and a closed-door workshop in Milan.

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